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Probably the worst time to blog


I can think of so many reasons not to blog right now…

  1. I just had a baby… Baby J is one month old today!!!
  2. I’m sleep deprived most days because Baby J still has his days and nights mixed up.
  3. When will I have time to write?
  4. I haven’t touched my children’s novel in months and I’m anxious that I’ll never finish it now that the baby is my main priority.
  5. Post partum hormones are making me overly emotional and anxious about everything.

Baby J is a true gift and I’m enjoying motherhood and its sleepless nights. But I’m also thinking about my writing projects which are still in the draft and planning stages. As tempting as it is to dive into a new project I’m going to stick it out and finish the novel I started over a year ago.

My goal for this week is to re-read my draft and make notes. NO REWRITING ALLOWED. I’m just reading and making notes for future editing.

If you’re interested in following my journey it would be great to have some company, and I would love to hear from moms who write about how you balanced writing with a new addition to the family.



Writer. Wife. Mother. Not necessarily in that order.

3 thoughts on “Probably the worst time to blog

  1. Diana,
    Nice to meet you. I love the layout of your blog. Congratulations on the new baby. My best advice, write when you can; it might be 5 or 10 mins at a time, but it’s the baby steps that count (pun intended). I like your idea of re-reading your draft and making notes – I should be doing the same. I’m bad about reading and before I realize it – making changes. Thanks so much for following and welcome to the fence jumpers. Relax and enjoy the precious gift you’ve been given. @sheilamgood at Cow Pasture Chronicles


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